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Software and Tools - Flyers

  • SCIP - Shopping Cart Item Predictor with deployment demo: Shopping cart item prediction through Bayesian inference, 2017
  • LEMOR - Lemmatizer and morphology for Slovak language
    Lemmatizer and morphology annotator for Slovak language, 2015
  • LIGA (in-memory LInear large-scale GAzetteers) Python and Java code, 2013-2014
    Standalone contain extraction tools for Natural Language Processing
  • IKT-Ontea: Pattern based annotation platform based on NAZOU's Ontea
  • gSemSearch: Graph based Semantic Search is used for entity relation discovery in unstructured text, which is based on Email Social Network Search

Platform for scalable information processing (PFSIP)

Platform for web monitoring (web pages, forums, RSS channels, news, Facebook, Twitter, etc...), information extraction, semantic search, full-text search, reasoning over data. Hadoop scalable information processing with plug-ins for parsing and information extraction. For more information please contact us at email

Use cases of the platform for monitoring web

IKT tool chain

The architecture and the tools are originally designed and developed in the NAZOU project (2004-2006). Designed tools are chained in the IKT architecture. At the moment, several tools are continually developing but the architecture is adapted and involved with modern in-trend technologies.

  • Email Social Network Search
    Email Social Network Search explores new approach for searching email archives as knowledge repository
  • Ontea
    Ontology based Text Annotation using Regular Expression Patterns
    WebCrawler downloads recursively web pages. Only relevant documents are downloaded estimating relevance using ERID.
  • ExPoS design
    The tool objective is to extract useful information from the webpage contents downloaded and stored in the Corporate Memory.
  • RDB2Onto
    Tool for Relational Data to Ontology Individuals Mapping
    Relevant Internet Data Resource Identification
  • ERID
    Estimate Relevance of Internet Documents
  • SGDB
    Simple Graph Database optimised for fast graph traversing
  • ACoMA
    Acoma process email communication on server side and attach relevant knowledge to email messages.
  • AgentOWL
    Agents with OWL ontology models using JADE agent system and Jena
    Experience Management based on Text Notes - Active and Context sensitive Recommendation System
  • SETH
    SETH is a software effort to deeply integrate Python with Web Ontology Language (OWL-DL dialect)
  • wsrf2owl-s
    WSRF2OWL-S generates the semantic descriptions of the web and grid services.

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